(and presentations)


  • [Article] “Past the City Limit Sign: The Role of Rural in 2016 Books” – PloughsharesLink
  • [Academic, Upcoming] “Life is Strangely YA” – Southwest Popular Culture Association 2017 Conference


  • [Review] “The Vegetarian by Han Kang” – The RumpusLink
  • [Interview] “‘Sufficient Ambiguity’: An Interview with Deborah Smith” – PloughsharesLink
  • [Review] “Your Boyfriend’s Back” – Front Porch Journal Link
  • [Essay] “Twisting the Existing” – Front Porch JournalLink
  • [Review] “Adios, Cowboy by Olja Savičević” – The RumpusLink
  • [Academic] “Press A to Enhance Authorial Reticence: The Potential Magical Realism of Video Games” – Southwest Popular Culture Association 2016 Conference
  • [Interview] “Bridging the ‘Dreadful Gulf’: An Interview with Sarah Death” – PloughsharesLink
  • [Interview] “The Rumpus Interview with Manuel Gonzales” – The RumpusLink
  • [Review] “Willful Disregard” – Front Porch JournalLink
  • [Review] “Ladivine by Marie Ndiaye” – The RumpusLink
  • [Article] “Han Kang’s The Vegetarian Wins Man Booker International Prize” – PloughsharesLink
  • [Interview] “Taking Something Unconventional and Making It Beautiful: An Interview with Elisabeth Jaquette” – PloughsharesLink
  • [Interview] “Language as a ‘Banner of Identity’: An Interview with Mara Faye Lethem” – PloughsharesLink
  • [Interview]  “Cultural Lifelines and Individual Artistry: An Interview with Robert Bringhurst” – Ploughshares Link
  • [Interview] “The Rumpus Interview with Will Evans” – The RumpusLink
  • [Interview] “Translating China’s Modern History: An Interview with Carlos Rojas” – Ploughshares Link
  • [Interview] “Holding Back Poetic Tendencies: An Interview with Jordan Stump” – Ploughshares Link
  • [Interview] “The Care that Goes into Translation: An Interview with Lisa Hayden” – Ploughshares Link
  • [Review] “Memoirs of a Polar Bear by Yoko Tawada” – The RumpusLink
  • [Humor] “Thesis Projects of the Inaugural Class of Hogwarts’ MFA Program in Creative Writing” – Bullshitist Link
  • [Interview] “Improvisation and Cross-Fading Culture: an Interview with Walton Muyumba” – OpossumLink
  • [Interview] “Resisting Temptations While Translating: An Interview with Margaret Jull Costa and Robin Patterson” – PloughsharesLink
  • [Article] “Lessons from a Year in Translation” – PloughsharesLink


  • [Essay] “How to Write Like George R. R. Martin” – Fiction Advocate, Jan 2015 – Link
  • [Review] “The Fall of Language in the Age of English by Minae Mizumura” – The Rumpus Link
  • [Essay] “ReLoaded” – Full Stop, Mar 2015 – Link
  • [Review] “Uncertainty and Isolation in Antichamber” – Matrix Magazine, Mar 2015 – Link
  • [Academic] “Renegade or Paragon: Narrative Choice in Contemporary Video Games” – National Pop Culture Association / American Culture Association 2015 Conference – Link
  • [Review] “Papers in the Wind by Eduardo Sacheri” – Front Porch Journal Link
  • [Review] “Blackout by Sarah Hepola” – The RumpusLink
  • [Review] “Press Start to Play edited by Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams” – The RumpusLink
  • [Interview] “The Rumpus Interview with David Lipsky” – The RumpusLink
  • [Academic] “Between Gas Pumps in a Queen Anne Armchair: Kentucky Route Zero as a Visual, Magical Realism Novel” – South Central Modern Language Association 2015 Conference – Link
  • [Fiction Reading] “The Last Boy in Texas” – South Central Modern Language Association 2015 Conference – Link
  • [Interview] “The Rumpus Interview with Debra Monroe” – The RumpusLink
  • [Review] “In Dylan Town: A Fan’s Life” – Front Porch JournalLink


  • [Review] “Lost in the Big Picture: At Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcón” – Fiction Advocate, Jan 2014 – Link
  • [Review] “A True Novel by Minae Mizumura” – The Rumpus – Link
  • [Academic] “You Can’t Always Be Who You Want: Gender Roles in The Big Chill” – Southwest Popular Culture Association 2014 Conference – Link
  • [Essay/Review] “Traveling the Zero: Digital and Homesick” – Full Stop, Feb 2014 – Link
  • [Academic] “Do as I Say, Not as I Grade: Personal Writing in the First-Year Composition Classroom” – International Society of Narrative 2014 Conference – Link
  • [Academic] “Instructor Opinion on Personal Writing in the First-Year Composition Classroom” – Thesis in fulfillment of Texas State University’s MA in Rhetoric and Composition’s requirements, Apr 2014 – Link
  • [Review] “Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones” – The RumpusLink
  • [Academic] “A Supposedly Rhetorical Thing: David Foster Wallace, Burke’s Identification, and Television” – Rhetoric Society of America 2014 Conference – Link
  • [Review] “Dramatic Correspondence” – Texas Books in Review, Spring 2014
  • [Essay] “The View from 7,890 Feet” – Pinyon, Spring 2014
  • [Essay] “By the Numbers” – Full Stop, Jun 2014 – Link
  • [Review] “Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky by David Connerley Nahm” – Fiction Advocate, Aug 2014 – Link
  • [Creative Nonfiction] “Songs for Hal” – Full Stop, Aug 2014 – Link
  • [Review] “Cinderland by Amy Jo Burns” – The RumpusLink


  • [Poetry] “Love From West Texas” – Texas Poetry Calendar 2013  – Link
  • [Creative Nonfiction] “Ways in Which I Judge You Based on Your Iced Tea Preference – Punchnel’s, Feb 2013 – Link
  • [Academic] “Big & Small: Theory in Practice” – UWC 20th Anniversary Symposium – Link
  • [Academic] “Shifting Gears and Mindsets: Strategies for ELL Interactions” – UWC 20th Anniversary Symposium – Link
  • [Creative Nonfiction] “A Gifted Education” – Harvard Educational Review, Summer 2013 – Link
  • [Academic] “Prosumer Backers and Self-Marketing Projects: The Rhetoric of Crowdfunding” – Computers and Writing 2013 Conference – Link
  • [Review] “Writing Lessons: Graham Oliver” – Ploughshares blog – Link
  • [Review] “Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell” – The Rumpus – Link
  • [Review] “Lives Between Spheres” – Texas Books in Review, Fall 2013


  • [Academic] “The Diamond Miners’ Union: Faculty and Your Writing Center” – South Central Writing Centers’ Association 2012 Conference – Link
  • [Creative Nonfiction] “Elastic” – Front Porch Journal, Fall 2012 – Link


  • [Creative Nonfiction] “The Language of Cancer” – Front Porch Journal, Fall 2011 – Link